How to cancel order on shopsy


Flipkart’s new software, Shopsy, enables anyone in India to establish their own online businesses without incurring any upfront financial costs. Over 25 million new online businesses are anticipated to be launched as a direct result of Flipkart’s Shopsy initiative by the year 2023.

Users of Shopsy will have the ability to share catalogs of a wide range of 15 crore products offered by Flipkart sellers, including fashion, beauty, mobiles, electronics, and home, with potential customers via popular social media and messaging apps. These users will have the ability to influence their local network and fulfill their aspirations. Shopsy was acquired by Flipkart in 2014.

Orders may be canceled, archived, or deleted. A canceled order signifies that an order that has already begun is being halted. Archiving signifies that you no longer want the order on the list of your open orders. You can remove an order from your Shopify admin by deleting it.


Cancel a transaction

Canceling an order means that the order procedure has been halted. Once the order has been placed, you can cancel it in the case a customer asks for a refund, or if you think that the order is fraudulent. If an item you ordered is no longer in stock, you have the option to cancel your order.

After canceling a purchase, you may be asked to complete further steps in some situations.

After you cancel an order, the order’s Timeline contains information about what goods were replenished and refunded.

Canceled orders affect payment status in this way:

The payment status changes to Voided if the payment was not captured.

The payment status switches to Reimbursed if the payment was completely refunded.

For canceled orders, the payment status switches to partially reimbursed if you give a partial refund.

Orders that have not yet been paid may not be cancellable when they are in Pending Payment status.


Go to Orders in your Shopify admin.

You can cancel an order by clicking on the order number.

To access additional actions, click the More actions button at the bottom of the Cancel the transaction.

Make sure that all refunds are handled properly:

Please leave the default Refund $ value chosen if you want to get a complete refund right now.

Select Refund later if you want to offer a full or partial refund at a later date.

Uncheck Restock things if you don’t want the returned items to be refilled in your inventory.

The drop-down menu will let you specify the reason for the cancellation.

Uncheck this option if you do not wish to notify your customer of your cancellation. Send the customer a message.

To cancel your order, click the Cancel button.