What is the meaning of the SM mall Philippines logo?


SM Mall of Asia is a shopping centre in Pasay, Philippines, owned by SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the country’s largest mall developer and retailer.

SM mall Philippines
SM mall Philippines

Symbolism and the past

2006 – 2010:

In 2006, the mall opened. The mall was the 25th in the company’s line of shopping centres. It currently holds the 4th place in the Philippines and the 12th place globally in terms of popularity. For tourists, the Mall of Asia is a great place to go shopping, but it’s also a great place to relax and have fun.

2010 – Today:

The designers produced a new and distinctive brand by drawing inspiration from the “SM” emblem, which is used by a slew of malls.

Abbreviation “SM” appears in the Philippines’ most popular shopping mall’s brand identification, like all “SM” logos. “Shopping Mall” is denoted by the letters. With a white stripe in the middle, they’re navy blue.

The name of the mall appears below the “SM” in this distinguishing element. Colours of “MALL OF” and “ASIA” are shown in blue and red, respectively. The words are all capitalised, but their sizes vary. Consequently, “ASIA” has nearly twice as many letters as “MALL OF”. Aside from these two features, the letters in this section of wordmark are straight, while those elsewhere are curved.

“ASIA” gets a horizontal bar thanks to the yellow horizontal curve that runs over the word. It connotes a sense of community and peace.

The SM Prime logo’s alteration in 2010 triggered the 2010 modification. Abbreviation “SM” is less stylised than in the previous edition and is framed by a circle that expresses the concept of a community.


At first glance, the bold sans serif font, whether in bold italic or bold regular, commands attention.

For the slogan’s typeface, it appears to have been hand-written and designed just for this logo.


Yellow and red are used in the logo as accent colours. Blue has long been the trademark colour of SM Supermalls. Red, on the other hand, is a colour associated with elation. There are many different meanings associated with the colour yellow. It could be interpreted as a representation of warmth and joy. The combination of these hues is pleasing to the eye.