How To Cancel An Order On Bolt Food?


Bolt Food: What is it?

Use the Bolt Food delivery option to get your favorite meals delivered to your door. Everything you want, Bolt Food would be there to help if you want tempura sushi, flatbread pizza, or an artisanal burger.

How can I place an order using the mobile app for Bolt Food?

Set the delivery address first.

Decide on a location and a meal.

Tap to place an order and make a payment.

Follow the courier’s progress while you track your purchase.

Take pleasure in the deliciousness that is sent right to your home!

The ride-hailing technology startup Bolt’s newest offering is Bolt Food (formerly Taxify). Bolt Food will be here to test the effectiveness of the global food delivery market in increasing restaurant sales and giving carriers more cash.

With your vehicle, bicycle, or motorcycle, earn some additional money.

Visit to apply to be a Bolt Food delivery.

Visit to sign up as a Bolt Food member restaurant.

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Before terminating memberships, there are several items you need to do and understand. They do.

To determine whether Bolt Food allows self-serve subscriber termination or user deletion, read the company’s Terms, Services law, or Privacy notice.

When you sign up for a program and don’t explicitly reject it after that, the plan would renew itself since you authorized it to do so.

You risk completely losing any trial material whenever you pay for a term and then unsubscribe. One must explicitly cancel a membership 24/7 before the sample period expires.

To prevent any and everything payment methods used by “BOLT Infotech OU” (the developer), we have designed it extremely simple to cancel your Bolt Food membership. Let’s immediately go into the meat of this manual.

Can a meal order be canceled?

You can typically withdraw without incurring a fee if the establishment has not yet begun to produce your order. Nevertheless, they won’t refund you if you leave after the eatery has begun to make your order. To prevent being paid for the purchase, canceling an order as soon as possible is crucial.

Order cancellation.

Click Help.

Select Cancel Order from the menu.

Select the appropriate explanation, then affirm.

No reason to delete an order after you approve it on the application. For assistance, kindly ask for a callback.

How to terminate your smartphone or iPad’s Bolt Food membership?

First, click on your username in the preferences application.

Tap the “Memberships” tab next.

Be aware that you may not be seeing this page. Click on apple & Appstore in that scenario.

Touch your Apple Device again next. Scroll to the bottom of the “Subscribers” button after seeing Apple ID, logging in, and signing out.

The Bolt Food (license) you would like to evaluate will then be selected.

Tap Cancel one more.

Notice that the new service has already been terminated if there isn’t a “Stop Membership” option for Bolt Foods. You will no longer renew it.

Check the basket contents and unique requirements before confirming a purchase. Please withdraw the purchase when you are unable to fulfill it.

On an Android smartphone, how could you terminate your Bolt Food membership?

You must understand that removing the Bolt Food application by itself won’t be enough to cancel your Bolt Food membership on Android. The steps are listed below.

Visit the Play Store immediately. Ensure you’re logged into the correct Gmail account when you have numerous.

Navigate to “Subscriptions” by clicking the menu.

Tap the “Cancel Membership” button after selecting the Bolt Food license fee you want to end.

Proceed as instructed.

Your subsequent Bolt Food subscription would be canceled and no longer renewed after your membership has been withdrawn from Google Play.