How To Cancel Rentomojo Order?


How do I revoke my current order?

You can cancel orders without penalty up to one day before the scheduled delivery date. An order that has already been delivered cannot be canceled.

You can choose the 7-day free trial for your rental items. Seven days after delivery, you can cancel your subscription for your leased goods and, if they are delivered in like-new condition, receive a full refund of your rental and security deposit. Please file a demand in your RentoMojo dashboard if you want to cancel a membership.

Since I’m not satisfied with the goods after they’re delivered, may I return some or all of the chapter’s items?

Yes. Even though all of our items undergo several rigorous quality inspections, if there is a flaw in the product or it is not working, you may return it immediately.

Some exclusions may be taken into account in a proper instance or occasion if requested at the date of shipment.

Please be aware that after our crew leaves your premises, leading to the satisfactory verification of your customer orders, a refund option won’t be accessible.

As item refusal would not be deemed eligible for a return, we suggest double-checking the product’s listed measurements before making the order.

How long do I have to make changes to my order?

Contacting us by mail, website/app chatting, or client helpline will allow you to make changes to your purchase up to 1 day before the arrival date.

Please be aware that if your purchase is modified, the time and date of arrival may vary.

Rental and the security deposit would be successfully updated when you change your order to reflect the going rates.

The newly selected goods in your purchase would be used to determine your regular rental cost after successful verification.

One cannot move your items from the area shown in this delivery point to every other place while you are a client and a participant in the rental agreement without first alerting Rentomojo.

If you need help moving and have a new address, please get in touch with it together two weeks in advance or submit a moving request through the customer portal.

How can I obtain my reimbursable deposit?

A refund will be started for your account when the rental goods have been thoroughly inspected. All the outstanding balances have been paid.

The same would be credited to your checking account after 7-9 days of work. Full bank account information would be under the customer id who made the purchase.

Please contact customer care whenever you need additional help if you continue to accept the refund money to a separate account.

If your leased items are damaged, RentoMojo will examine the items in the storage to establish a precise split of the damage expenses. The number of damages will also be subtracted from your compensation.

What fees apply to early closure?

The sudden closure fee is determined by your selected duration and the kind of items since they would surrender the items well before the conclusion of your specified tenure.

If you want to ask for it back after your present tenure is through, you will be responsible for paying an Early Closing Charge. The amount due is determined by the current length of your agreement and is a factor in your current payment.