How To Cancel An Order On Blinkist?


For busy folks, Blinkist is a great tool for book summaries. Here is a simple instruction on how to terminate your membership if you discover that you aren’t using it to your full potential or if you want to try a less expensive option.

After signing up for Blinkist through an in-app payment, you must visit the memberships section of your iPhone or Play Store profile to cancel. If you signup for Blinkist immediately, go to their homepage and cancel here. You will have to email Blinkist to ask for a refund.

There are 2 components to this article. How will cover the process for canceling your Blinkist membership first, and the process for requesting a refund will follow

Begin by launching the Blinkist application and selecting the options wheel button at the top right-hand corner of the main screen to delete your account.

You can choose to cancel your membership there. What occurs next may vary depending on how you subscribed to the premium package.

You will be sent to the memberships section of your Itunes or Google Play profile when you made a premium thru the application as an in-app payment.

You could also view your iPhone app memberships by accessing Settings, going on your username, and selecting Subscriptions. On Android, Play Store options provide a comparable option.

Try clicking the stop button on this site after you’ve made your selection.

Your VIP subscription will not stop suddenly, whether you signed up immediately with Blinkist or via Apple or Play Store. Additionally, until the conclusion of your paying cycle, your subscription will not be degraded.

 It just becomes a whole lot simpler to stop using a monthly subscription.

Follow these simple instructions to end your Blinkist subscription:

  1. Log in to Blinkist first.
  2. Visit the Account Settings page.
  3. Terminate your current subscription.

 Please follow these steps if you joined using iOS or Android.


 Navigate to Preferences > [your username] > apple & App Market on your iPhone.

  1. Just at the center of the display, click your Apple ID. Then, press View Apple ID, if necessary.
  2. Scroll down to membership and press it.
  3. Select the subscription you wish to edit.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription and let go.


 If you used your Play Store login to sign up?

  1. First, visit
  2. Verify that you are logged into the appropriate Google Account.
  3. Select My subscriptions from the left menu.
  4. Choose the subscription that you wish to terminate.
  5. Select Cancel Membership from the Manage menu.

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Hence it is easy to return or cancel the order.