How To Cancel An Order On Birkenstock



You have 15 days from the day you get an item to return it. Please keep the following in mind to expedite and ensure a smooth transaction:

If you want to raise your return request, you can click here.

Birkenstock’s customer service can be reached via or by phone at 9717111774.

Before starting the reverse pickup, the customer care team will ask for a few photographs of the received product.


No refunds will be given in the following situations:

Items that are not in their original condition, have been damaged, or are missing parts due to circumstances outside of Birkenstocks control will be refunded.

Merchandise that is returned to them within 15 days of delivery

They need a receipt or proof of purchase in order to complete your return request. An invoice will be sent to you through email once you’ve placed your order. Invoices like this one can serve as proof of purchase.

Please be aware that online purchases cannot be returned or exchanged, nor can complaints about purchases be registered, in an offline store / showroom / Franchise (BIRKENSTOCK store or outlet). No returns or complaints can be filed for purchases made at a Birkenstock (BIRKENSTOCK STORE OR OUTLET) OFFLINE STORE or SHOWROOM.


All refunds are made using the same method that you used to make the original purchase. If you paid with Cash on Delivery, your refund will be processed once they have your bank account information.

Please keep in mind that refunds will only be issued once the goods have arrived at their warehouse and all quality tests have been completed and deemed to be acceptable.

Refunds will be processed in 10-12 business days for all payment methods. Once the merchandise arrives at their warehouse, we will begin the refund procedure.

Only the money the buyer paid for the transaction will be refunded. There will be no return for the discount received through the use of a coupon code. On a case-by-case basis, the customer service staff will decide whether or not to revalidate the coupon code.

The additional Rs. 99 that was charged at the time of purchase will not be refunded for orders paid for using Cash on Delivery.

Once your refund request has been approved, you will be notified through email and a member of their customer service team will get in touch with you to arrange for the money to be transferred back to the account you provided during the purchase process.


You can cancel your order at any time by going into your account or by contacting our Customer Care agents. But if the merchandise has not yet left their warehouse, you can cancel the order online.

Refunds will be subject to a 2.5% cancellation fee in the event that the product has already been shipped out and the cancellation request has been received.

If you have already paid for your order, they will process your refund request within 1-2 business days of receiving your cancellation request. Refunds are initiated within 3-4 business days after the request has been approved. Payments are reimbursed back to the original account from which they were made. You will receive an email or a text message to inform you of this.

In addition, you can contact their customer service department to start the order cancellation.