How to money transfer from India to Nepal


How can I get money from India to Nepal if I’m having difficulties? Unsure whether you can send or receive money from Nepal while in India and make money from it?

money transfer
money transfer

Here’s your answer.

No worries, we’ve got a few simple steps you can follow to get the job done. You can transfer money from India to Nepal with ease using Eko Connect’s money transfer services, which are described in this article.

Let’s break this down into its component parts, shall we?

To get started using Eko Connect, download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and install it on your smartphone or tablet. After finishing everything, you need to sign up and make an account. To register, you can use either your cell phone number, your Google account, or your Facebook account. You will be required to produce evidence of both your cell phone number and location before we can proceed. When it is finished, it will immediately query as to whether or not you are a partner of an API. After picking the “Seller” menu option, you should just hit the next button. You will be asked for a wide variety of personal and business information as you proceed to the next step in the process. Before you may proceed, the photographs from both your Aadhaar card and your PAN card need to be submitted. To finish registering for Eko Connect, input all of the essential information into the appropriate fields.

After you have created an account, navigate to the left-hand side of the page and select the “Indo-Nepal” option.

Fill out the form with the recipient’s account number, IFSC code, and bank name, then click the “Submit” button. Simply enter the amount of money you wish to transfer, then click the “Transfer” button. Following the completion of the transaction, the money will be deposited into the recipient’s bank account within the following twenty-four hours.

And just like that, the transaction for your purchase is finished.


To get started with the process of sending money from India to Nepal, follow these three steps in order. If you join Eko Connect, you can earn commissions of up to 50,000 Indian Rupees by assisting your customers in sending money to Nepal. In addition, Eko Connect allows customers to sell insurance and send money transfers from India to Nepal online. Customers can also have cash delivered directly to their doorsteps and pay their utility bills electronically.