How To Cancel The Order In Puma?


With its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, Puma SE, also known as Puma, is a worldwide firm that creates and produces sports and leisure footwear, clothing, and equipment. The third-largest athletic company on the globe is Puma.

PUMA aims to be the sporting and lifestyle brand that advances the fastest. PUMA excels when responding quickly to trends and creating goods with the most modern technologies. PUMA is committed to developing cutting-edge, creative goods with a sustainability emphasis and a passion for making the world a better place.


How can I reverse my order?

Contact us at our toll-free line, 080-35353535 | 3737-3737, to withdraw a purchase.

Kindly be informed that if the item is not sent, it’ll be canceled immediately. If the order has already been shipped, they will try to halt the delivery. They cannot promise to cancel it, though. You can decline to receive the transaction in the event that delivery is undertaken.

For additional information, see the Cancellations and Exchanges Policy page.

When will the reimbursement arrive?

Order cancellations.

Prepaid: According to your account, a recovery will appear within 15 days from the date.

After 48 business hours, your enrolled accounts should display the Puma Credits refund.

Unfulfilled Orders.

Following two days of the final products) returning to their storage and passing quality control, they would start a refund.

If your transfer of funds is-

Prepaid: Depending on your account, a refund may appear within 15 days from the date.

During 48 business hours, you’re accompanied by an increase that will display the Puma Specific credit.

Cash on shipment: They will send the documents to collect the money by inputting your Online Account or banking information details after 48 hours via your recorded number and email address. The link will be active for up to seven days.

Don’t hesitate to contact customer service when it has been over 15 consecutive days or more after you obtained the warning and you’ve not gotten your return.

For additional information, see their Returns and Exchanges Policy page.

Cancellations made by the client.

Puma Athletics Solutions Pvt Limited maintains the option to approve or refuse cancellation claims for any cause in the event that they are made. According to standard business procedure, when we get a cancellation notification, and the transaction hasn’t been billed, we’ll cancel it and give you a full refund.

Call phone support on 080 3535 3535 from Monday to Sunday- 10:00 – 18:00 if you want to cancel your transaction.


Kindly be informed that occasionally they may have to refuse or cancel a transaction. They can reject or revoke any purchase for any cause at their absolute discretion.

Limited purchase amounts, inaccurate product or price comparison, issues discovered by their payment and fraud prevention division, and others may cause your transaction to be canceled.

Before approving any order, they can additionally need more proof or information. Though all or any part of your purchase is canceled, or if further information is needed to accept your purchase, they will get in touch with you.

When you change your mind about placing an order after your bank account has been billed, they will return the money to your Payment Card.

The consumer consents not to appeal Puma Athletics India Private Ltd’s judgment and accepts its decision about the cancellation.