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The founder of Nature Tours, Victor Emanuel, had no idea when he started the firm over 40 years ago that it would grow to be the world’s largest provider of birding tours. In the early 1970s, birding tours were still in their infancy, and he began taking individuals out on expeditions. VENT grew into Texas, Arizona, Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago, Kenya, and Botswana after organizing tours to Yucatan in connection with the 1974 convention of the National Audubon Society. Peter Matthiessen, a world-renowned naturalist, and author, and Roger Tory Peterson, a legend in his field, both took him on memorable expeditions that he treasures.

As they’ve continued to expand, they’ve been bringing on new leaders and locations nearly every year. This year, they plan to offer over 150 tours to more than 100 locations, ranging from the Texas coast to Bhutan’s forested Himalayan highlands, to the vast plains of Brazil’s bird-rich Pantanal, to Antarctica, Africa, and many other locations in between.

Their success is largely attributable to the high caliber of the organization’s top-level executives and the high standards they uphold. For all of VENT’s existence, the founder was lucky enough to be surrounded by exceptional birders who had both an aptitude for birding and a knack for managing the many moving parts that go into a tour. In this ensemble were Steve Hilty and Bob Ridgely, as well as the late Ted Parker and Kenn Kaufman.

Early on, my excellent friends Peter Matthiessen and Roger Tory Peterson provided invaluable support, advice, and encouragement to VENT.

Cancellation policy by VENT

A full refund will be given to the participant if the tour is canceled by VENT prior to departure without good cause or explanation.

Due to a Force Majeure event, VENT has the option of either canceling or postponing a tour or any portion of a tour; however, VENT will not be obligated to refund any payments on the balance of the tour fee to participants; however, VENT will not be held responsible or liable to any participant for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any applicable agreement; nor will VENT be deemed to have defaulted under any applicable agreement. A “Force Majeure” occurrence includes, but is not limited to, acts that are beyond the control of VENT. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a natural disaster or an act of God; (b) flood, fire; (c) earthquake; (d) riot; (e) government order; (f) embargo; (g) labor stoppage and other industrial disturbances; (h) shortage of adequate power or transportation facilities; and I any other simian event.

In addition to the services listed in the tour schedule, this VENT Cancellation and Refunds policy does not apply to plane tickets purchased through VENT or any other arrangements, such as additional hotel nights.