What are the duties of Aerospace engineer?


This question is very familiar to those who desire to work as aerospace engineers: What are the duties of an aerospace engineer? Every engineer has their own job role, but aerospace engineers are a little bit different, as they work in the aviation sector. Aerospace engineers are one of the unique professionals because it is a combination of two professions: aeronautical engineer and astronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer is a person who performs the task of designing, developing, and manufacturing aircraft. Astronautical Engineers are professional who shows their skills on space shuttle, satellites, rockets, etc. To become an Aerospace engineer, a student must have a degree in Aerospace Engineering to build their career. The degree will be offered to the student through AICTE-approved colleges in which you can take admission through AME CEE.

Aerospace engineer
Aerospace engineer

What are the Aerospace Engineer Job duties?

Each profile in the Aerospace engineer has its own significant duties to be performed. A few of the Aerospace engineer job duties are described below for a better understanding:

They put science and technology together for the construction of aircraft, spacecraft, and their systems.

They will explore and develop the design with all the specifications and create a plan through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

They administer the fabricating of airframes, fuselages, installation of engines, landing gears, and other systems.

Checking quality of the product such as landing capacities, speed, rate of climbs, etc.

Troubleshoot the problems that occur while designing, development, and testing.

Upgrade of design to better the safety measures, minimal fuel usage, etc.

Enhancing the performance of the aircraft, satellite, rockets, etc.

Proper technical communication with client, team, supplier, etc. for the purpose of advices and modification of the product.

What are the Aerospace Engineer Job profiles?

According to Aerospace Engineer job profiles, these engineers play their role in the aviation sector. The job profiles in the aviation sector are as follows:

Design Engineer

Higher education lecturer


Maintenance Engineer

Thermal Design Engineer

Manufacturing systems engineer

Assistant Technical Officer

Flight Technicians

Automotive engineer

Where Aerospace Engineer duties are performed?

Aerospace Engineer duties are performed in the areas in the fastest-growing aviation sector:

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies

Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Organizations

Research Organizations


Aircraft Operational Companies

Civil Aviation Department