Scope of chartered accountants in Dubai.


It is common knowledge that before beginning any career, a person must consider its potential and future prospects. Chartered accounting is an attractive career option for students because it is one of the most prestigious professions, both in India and internationally.

In business and finance, a rewarding career is chartered accounting (CA). Audit, financial reporting, taxes, and general management are all included. Chartered accountants work in both the public and private sectors. They are highly qualified experts with a focus on the financial sector. They are qualified to establish a Setup business in Dubai. They may also be prosperous businesspeople.

Scope of chartered accountants in Dubai.

How much can a CA earn in Dubai?

In Dubai, a CA can anticipate making a nice wage. A CA final rank should earn at least DH 15000 and aim for DH 20000 in the initial year of employment. The typical wage for a new employee is between 6,000 and 9,000 dirhams, whereas a CA finalist can make up to DH 27,800 in their first year. A future CA in Dubai should first enroll in a business and finance related academic course. A BOE in accounting or a bachelor’s degree in business administration is the best option. Prospective CAs must gain work experience at a company after graduation.

Which sectors are preferable for CAs?

The following industries are Dubai’s top employers of ACCA professionals:

Banks, Logistics and Transportation, Consulting in Management, Retail, FMCG, IT, and Telecommunications

What are the perks for a CA in Dubai?

There are many benefits to choosing a career in Dubai for ACCA professionals.


You read that correctly. Any professional, including ACCA, is exempt from paying tax on earnings to the government.

Abundant employment

Several well-known international groups have offices in Dubai. Due to the need for candidates who can manage accounting-related work from all of these firms, Dubai is the perfect location for ACCA experts.

High quality of life

The majority of employers offer housing allowances; yearly round-trip tickets to the nation of residence, and health coverage to their staff members, all of which help them maintain a good standard of living.

Fast Career Development

Professionals can aspire for managerial roles while beginning their careers because there are many work prospects available and the ACCA is a degree that is recognized all over the world.

Conclusion: There are lots of prospects for CA in Dubai. They not only have access to a variety of employment options, but they also contribute significantly to the economy of the UAE. Since 1982, the ICAI Dubai chapter has supported CAs in the United Arab Emirates. Success in this country requires a broad variety of CA abilities. Because of this, the backgrounds and expertise of CAs in Dubai are varied. After earning your ACCA, choosing jobs in Dubai is a sensible move if you’re thinking about beginning your career abroad. In addition to providing top-notch amenities and a secure atmosphere for its working professionals to flourish as individuals, Dubai offers excellent wages to ACCA members.