Is Rohini a posh area in Delhi?


Delhi, India’s capital city, is home to some of the country’s most developed neighbourhoods and communities. This gorgeous city, home to India’s most powerful political and bureaucratic leaders, has a restricted supply of houses for sale due to soaring costs and the lack of land for future building. However, the skyscrapers, bungalows, and upscale neighbourhoods of Delhi are all available for rent and other investments, making the city a desirable place to live and work.


Many embassies, shops, 5-star hotels, and well-established neighbourhoods may be found in Delhi. In terms of real estate investments, New Delhi’s posh areas are among the most sought-after pin codes. The design of Delhi’s buildings is influenced by a fusion of contemporary and traditional beliefs. From Mughal-inspired domes to European gardens and lawns, the city never ceases to astonish its around 3 crores strong people and the uncountable countless visitors to the city. The list of Delhi’s upscale neighbourhoods seems to be getting longer by the day. Despite the pandemic and other reasons influencing business, the property prices of land parcels in Delhi have continued to rise as a result of infrastructure development and amenities.

South Delhi is still Delhi’s most affluent neighbourhood. The entire area around the capital city is regarded to be the city’s administrative district. These public venues include shopping malls, restaurants and eateries, and theatres. South Delhi has a significant connection to India’s history and development, and its history and culture are intertwined. Take a stroll through the colonial and Mughal buildings of South Delhi, and you’ll be whisked away to a faraway world, to the city’s most up-and-coming neighbourhoods. South Delhi has a fancy colony on every street corner. According to their location, land value, and exclusivity, the following areas in Delhi are among the most upscale in the city.

Rohini, a neighbourhood in north-west Delhi, is home to a wide range of people. Delhi Development Authority (DDA) created and developed it to serve all socioeconomic levels in the 1980s. This neighbourhood is now home to many of the city’s most successful business people and entrepreneurs because of the area’s steady influx of capital and wealth – generating opportunities. Lush green lawns and well-maintained roads surround the majority of the region’s housing developments. As a business centre, the area is also a major supplier of granites and marbles.

There is a benefit in terms of connectivity between Rohini and West and East Delhi because of its strategic placement in the middle of the city. Rohini is a popular choice for both the service sector and small business owners due to the proximity to a number of well-known manufacturers and warehouses. The sole heliport in Delhi is a big draw for visitors to this area. To live in Rohini, you’ll find a wealth of leisure options, well-designed homes and public facilities.

The Bhagwan Mahavir Marg connects Rohini to both the outer and inner ring road. Indira Gandhi International Airport is 20 kilometres away from the New Delhi Railway Station. Rithala Metro Station, Rohini East Metro Station, and Rohini West Metro Station on the Red Line are all located in the vicinity. Sectors 18 and 19 and Shaheed Sthalto Rithala are served by the yellow line’s metro stations.