How to get a 1GB data loan in Airtel?


The majority of organizations that operate in the telecom network industry provide customers with the option of taking out a credit loan, which, if repaid, results in the payment of a service charge. Airtel, a well-known telecom network business in India, is one of the providers of two different kinds of services related to emergency credit loans.

Any Airtel subscriber who wants to make a call but does not have enough Talktime balance can ask for a loan in order to avoid going over their limit. If a customer wants to obtain a loan from Airtel for Talktime, they must either call the number listed for the Airtel Talktime loan or contact a company that provides a service that is based on USSD.

In addition to the service of providing loans for Airtel credit and Talktime, Airtel also provides loans for 3G/4G Internet data that may be used for online browsing.

Airtel will charge Rs. 27 for 80MB of data that can be used over the course of two days. After the expiration of the validity term, the loan amount will be deducted automatically from the main balance by Airtel.

How to get a 1GB data loan in Airtel?
How to get a 1GB data loan in Airtel?

Airtel Data Loan

Customers of Airtel can obtain an 80 MB 2G data loan or an 80 MB 3G/4G data loan for the price of Rs 27. These data loans have a validity period of two days and can be used on any 2G, 3G, or 4G network. You can get a data loan from Airtel by using the mobile platform.

How to Get a Loan from Airtel for Your Data Needs

1st step: Start the phone dialer application on your device.

2nd step: Dial *141*567#

3rd step: Watch the screen of the phone for the message to display, and then proceed.

Finally, confirm your data loan to obtain advanced 4G data. Simply dialing the number 52141 can get you a data loan quickly and easily. After acquiring an internet loan, you will be able to utilize the internet service up until the time that the loan pack is no longer valid.

Does Airtel Allow Customers to Apply for Two Different Plans at the Same Time?

Users of Airtel enjoy the distinct advantage of being able to pre-order multiple plans simultaneously with the service provider. On the other hand, not every recharge plan is currently available. These perks are included in unlimited combo plans, which are available to you.

It is possible for anyone to find themselves in a dire situation in which their remaining talk time or data balance has been depleted and they are unable to recharge their device. For the purpose of assisting customers in resolving issues such as these, Airtel has introduced the Airtel advance talktime lending service.

You are obliged to pay back the appropriate amount in order to clear the loan amount. Airtel levies a charge of Rs. 12 on a Talktime balance of Rs. 10. Make it a point to wait until all of your existing Talktime loans have been repaid before applying for any more ones.

You can get Airtel credits by using the Airtel Thanks app, calling the loan number, or dialing a USSD code to obtain a loan. Another way to get a loan is by dialing a loan number.