How to apply for NHA housing for OFW Philippines?


A National Housing Authority (NHA), dedicated to delivering suitable and affordable houses for low-income and impoverished families, reaffirms its commitment to housing the country’s homeless Filipinos. NHA wants to underline that the poorest 30% of the urban inhabitants are the only ones served by its housing department.

Government housing within the Philippines seems to be the responsibility of the Housing Authority, a federal agency. It was founded on July 31, 1975, and as an affiliated entity of the Department of Social Services and Urban Construction, it is a government-owned and regulated enterprise.

How to apply for NHA housing for OFW Philippines
How to apply for NHA housing for OFW Philippines

Instructions and Requirements.

The candidate should be an overseas Filipino laborer or a qualified government worker (OFW).

If you are a current NHA awardee, you must have a recent credit settlement.

Somewhere at the submission deadline, they cannot be older than 65 years old, and at the moment the home loan matures, they cannot be older than Seventy years old.

If a government worker retires, they may apply for housing benefits more than a year after their retirement date, but they must pay a total cash amount.

If you meet the requirements, you can install the Software to Buy Housing and Lot Application from this page and complete it. The list of further prerequisites is given, and you can also grab it.

Selecting your chosen home project is focused on the properties’ availability provided on this page. To view available housing developments, visit GEHP Initiatives.

The applicant has two options for payout: cash purchase or end-user finance (MTO Pag-IBIG).

Please complete the NHA and Pag-IBIG applications and the requirements listed on the Listing of Criteria for End-User Funding (MTO-Pag-IBIG).

Please complete all NHA Documents and the conditions outlined in the List of Needs for Cash Transactions, Staggered Money, and In-House Funding (Installment Purchase).

Remember to notarize your online application before submitting the necessary documentation.

You can send applications and prerequisites to any NHA office close to your current location or the Administering Regional/District Department of the residential development of your choice.

Listing of Prerequisites for GEHP/OFW.

You may find the following requirements for the NHA Government Worker Housing Department; please read each section for more information.


  • Application Type.
  • Overseas Employment Certificates.
  • Income Documents.
  • Statement of Active Duty Status.
  • The government issues Identification Cards.


Following a loan application.

Housing loan petition, income documentation, and a valid photo ID with a sign.

From the Lender or Seller.

TCT, Tax Statement, Agreement to Sell, and a sketch map of the immediate area are also included.

Having health insurance is another need.

Before Loan Benefits are Released

  • TCT/CCT.
  • Security Records.
  • Land of Tax Release.
  • Tax Disclosure.
  • Tax receipt for property investment.
  • Acceptance Certification.
  • Obtention Permit.
  • Receipt for Transaction Tax.
  • Subtract the loan repayment.


For many Filipinos, purchasing a home marks a critical turning point. Understanding that we have a roof over our heads offers us a feeling of security even when it rains, or the heat is scorching. It also gives you the solitude you need after a lengthy and tedious day of working hard. Additionally, it makes us feel successful because it takes effort, commitment, and tenacity.

Hence this is why NHA housing is the best notion to get a dream house.