How much does an apartment cost in the Philippines?


The Philippines, or the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelago republic in Southeast Asia. In general, because the Philippines is a developing country, living expenses are moderate. How much it will cost you to live in the United States is determined by your desired way of life and the type of job you have.

For a single individual, 600$ or so should suffice, and for a couple, 900$ should suffice. 1000$ to 1200$ will suffice for those who prefer a luxury lifestyle.

apartment cost in the Philippines
apartment cost in the Philippines


While eating out is more expensive than preparing a meal at home, the Philippines has several excellent restaurants that are not quite as pricey as you might anticipate. Many high-end restaurants are pricey, but you can get a nice meal for two for less than $3 at a budget restaurant or a nice one for approximately $14 at a mid-range restaurant.


Eating in is more expensive than making a meal from scratch at home. Many supermarkets and Robinsons malls are available, and if you want to go full out, you’ll need about $500 a month to do so. Small bakeries in the area sell inexpensive bread, while sari-sari stores, which sell a range of things in smaller quantities, may be found nearby.


The Philippines’ transportation system is far from ideal. You can take a Grab Car or an Uber but beware of being ripped off if you take a regular cab in Manila. When it comes to transportation, jeepneys are by far the most cost-effective option. However, the cost of transportation, in general, is extremely low. The cost of a monthly public transportation pass is approximately $9.


In the Philippines, utility costs are out of control. You don’t need to spend more than $100 a month to get by. At least eight hours a day would be spent with the AC on. Lights, device charging, TV, and hot water in an 85m2 apartment cost more than $100 just for these four things alone.. The average monthly water expense is about $5.

Sports And Recreation

Cinemas, theaters, and other forms of entertainment abound in the Philippines’ cities, where a movie ticket costs about $5. In most nations, sports and fitness activities are more expensive than they are in the United States. A 30-dollar yearly membership to a health club or gym is the minimum you should expect to pay.

Monthly Rent.

Around the city, the cost of renting an apartment is at least $100 a month. You may want to stay in a boarding house or lodging house if you’re on your own. If you want to live in the heart of the city, you may locate an apartment for as little as $100 a month, or as much as $250 a month if you’re willing to pay a premium. At the very least, you’ll need to shell out at least $300 for a family-friendly apartment.